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The Pituitary Network Association has developed an educational program to educate health care professionals and help them earn Continuing Education Units. Our program is open to anyone needing CEU credits to maintain their license. Our courses are designed to educate health care providers about the signs, symptoms and treatment options for people with pituitary disorders. To sign up for our CEU Program visit our main website at To access our CEU Portal, click on the link below.


Acromegaly Surgery: The Importance of Early Diagnosis and Surgical Skill

A new study that followed the health of acromegaly patients who had surgery at a hospital in Turkey over a 20 year period reported less-than-ideal results. The report concludes, "The rate of surgical success in our patients was found to be low. This could be explained by an absence of experienced pituitary surgical centers or surgeons in our region, and the fact that most patients presented late at the macroadenoma stage." To read more, click here.